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Vehicle crime is on the rise in Greenwich borough.

Make sure you take proactive steps to secure your vehicle.

* Make sure you lock your vehicle

* Use a faraday bag to secure your fob for keyless cars

* Use a secure steering wheel lock

* Don’t leave items in your vehicle

* Make sure you close windows

* Use numberplate security screws to prevent theft

It’s better to be PROACTIVE than REACTIVE.

REDUCE vehicle crime by taking steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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Good morning

We have been made alert by police today of a series of incidents that have been occurring on the RA and we wanted to share this information with you.

There is a scanner who fraudulently asks for money saying a variety of reasons why he needs it. Such as needing money for taxi, his child is ill, needs to get electric and to some he says he will return it to them the next day. He leaves a mobile as collateral but. Ever comes back. He never comes back and the victim is out of pocket. We understand that there have been at least 5 victims across the RA.

We are asking that you are vigilant and report ALL suspicious behaviour and instances of this happening. The more information the POLICE receive the better. This is a CRIME so it needs to reported as such.

The description of the man is IC1 (white) male In his 40s.

If you see him please report to police

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