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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Neighbourhood Watch week is here and we are delighted to announce a whole series of events online for you and your communities to participate in.

Neighbourhood Watch week is 5th-11th June and Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network has a online event for each of the weekdays.

Monday - We talk about connect our communities post Covid and exploring ways that we can do this with sensitivity and compassion.

Tuesday 8th June - Again Vehicle crime has been at the forefront of crimes being committed in our borough. So this workshop helps us know how to reduce the risk and also highlights the recent surge in Catalytic Converter crime.

Wednesday 9th June - We will be exploring Personal Safety. This is a topic which has also been highlighted following recent events and we would like to enable our communities to feel safer when walking our streets.

Thursday 10th June - As our communities get busier, we will indeed see a rise in Anti-Social behaviour and this workshop explains what it is and what we can proactively do to reduce the risk.

Friday 11th June - We welcome back a great speaker PC Tom Lee from the MET police Cyber Protect unit to talk about how we can identify the signs of Cyber crime, scams and understand the difference between Smishing, Phishing and Vishing.

Please not this event is from 6pm.

How you can get involved:

  • BOOK your place at any of these events, please visit our EVENTS page to book your FREE space.

  • SHARE these events with your neighbours, friends and community groups, ward councillors, schools, local policing teams etc

  • SHARE the events over your social media pages

Best wishes


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We are having an upcoming Innovation Hub event and it will be good if can attend,please register via the QR code below.


This one-day event welcomes all members of Woolwich, whether a resident, local business, employee, council worker or any emergency service. We will begin the day with a brief presentation given by MET police, we will then discuss and listen to your thoughts on violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

After a short refreshment break, groups will be formed with a facilitator to discuss and look at ways in which we could use the resources around us and help reduce ASB or violent crime. It could be something as simple as adding lighting fixtures on streets or even committing to report ASB.


Lunch will be provided on the day!


DATE: 15th November 2022TIME: 10:00 – 16:30 VENUE: Woolwich Works, The Fireworks Factory, 11 No 1 Street, SE18 6HD


Be part of the change and book your place today via the QR code below:

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We are currently looking for Coordinators that live in the Woolwich and surrounding area who would like to meet the new Town Centre team.

They are eager to meet with you to do that you can also feed information to them and also from them

We are looking for an evening in person meeting in September and we are asking for anyone who would be interested in attending.

Would you be interested in attending a meeting with the Town Centre Team

  • 0%Yes online

  • 0%Yes in person

  • 0%No thanks

Best wishes to you all


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