Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Neighbourhood Watch week is here and we are delighted to announce a whole series of events online for you and your communities to participate in.

Neighbourhood Watch week is 5th-11th June and Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network has a online event for each of the weekdays.

Monday - We talk about connect our communities post Covid and exploring ways that we can do this with sensitivity and compassion.

Tuesday 8th June - Again Vehicle crime has been at the forefront of crimes being committed in our borough. So this workshop helps us know how to reduce the risk and also highlights the recent surge in Catalytic Converter crime.

Wednesday 9th June - We will be exploring Personal Safety. This is a topic which has also been highlighted following recent events and we would like to enable our communities to feel safer when walking our streets.

Thursday 10th June - As our communities get busier, we will indeed see a rise in Anti-Social behaviour and this workshop explains what it is and what we can proactively do to reduce the risk.

Friday 11th June - We welcome back a great speaker PC Tom Lee from the MET police Cyber Protect unit to talk about how we can identify the signs of Cyber crime, scams and understand the difference between Smishing, Phishing and Vishing.

Please not this event is from 6pm.

How you can get involved:

  • BOOK your place at any of these events, please visit our EVENTS page to book your FREE space.

  • SHARE these events with your neighbours, friends and community groups, ward councillors, schools, local policing teams etc

  • SHARE the events over your social media pages

Best wishes


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As we know sheds are targets this time of year with the high value items such as Lawn Mowers being left and often we do not lock our sheds, just shut them.

So we are asking our residents to to check their Shed’s every Sunday to ensure they are secure.

Also as this hot weather continues, please also check them for neighbourhood pets that make have sneaked in there to shelter from the sun.

Stay safe during this hot weather and please check on vulnerable people in your street and family friends and colleagues too.

COMMUNITY SAFETYCHARTER launched to tackle crimes in public spaces

Our new Community SafetyCharter, launched today, encourages everyone from individuals, Neighbourhood Watch groups, businesses, and organisations to take an active stance against crimes in publicspaces, such as harassment, hate crime, and antisocial behaviour


The Charter tagline is #BETHECHANGE, focusing on the role of active bystanders in leading the change within their communities. The Charter supports greater understanding about how we recognise and deal with community safetyissues and support victims by knowing where to get help, how and who to report to, enabling a more positive, proactive approach by the whole community when witnessing or experiencing confrontation, hostility, or harassment.


Do I need to make a pledge?

We are delighted to invite you to sign up to the Charter. 

By signing up individuals, businesses, organisations, and groups pledge to four actions:

  • PROMOTE -        promote a culture that does not tolerate harmful language, antisocial behaviour and hostility toward others

  • ENABLE -             enable others to identify and take an active stance to prevent harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation within their community

  • REPORT -             actively encourage and support others to report harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation and share intelligence about these crimes with the relevant authorities

  • SUPPORT -          support those affected by harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation and refer victims to the appropriate support agency


What will I receive when I sign up?

You will receive a printable poster, individual pledges to share on social media, and a comprehensive information pack on a specific topic or crime every two months which you can share with your staff/volunteers/colleagues/friends. The topics covered in the first year are:  

  • harassment

  • hate crime

  • antisocial behaviour

  • being an active bystander

  • dealing with confrontation

  • leading the change in our communities 


Where can I find out more?

  • Attend our CommunitySafety Charter and ASB Webinar on the 21st July at 5pm. Book your online place here

  • Watch an interactive presentation here

  • Contact the Neighbourhood Watch Community Safety Charter Leads - Cheryl Spruce, Head of Membership and Engagement, or Jayne Pascoe, Head of Partnerships and Projects 


How do I sign up?

Simply complete the online form on ourwatch.org.uk/charter. Once you have signed up, we will contact you with you within 5 working days to share the first information pack and other resources. 


Please share the details of the Charter with your networks and encourage them also to sign up and share it. 



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