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This month we have a look at how one group has tackled crime and disorder in Hackney, we introduce to you CrimeStoppers Domestic Abuse campaign #YouAreNotPowerless which launched on the 1st September, and Action Fraud's anti-phishing campaign #MulletOver, which also launched on the 1st September.

In partnership with Avast we look at ways Cyberhood Watch is protecting our community. 

We highlight and ask you to support some key events being held during September

  • The Countryside clean up on the 19th and 20th 

  • Gas Safe Week running from 14th - 20th

And last but certainly not least, we are excited to announce that the Neighbour of the Year Awards, sponsored by Co-op Insurance is back for the 3rd consecutive year. Nominations open on the 21st September. Look out for more details on this coming soon.

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  • Greenwich NHW Network

We would like to know if you and your neighbours would be interested in being part of a new CCTV register for Greenwich borough.

The new register will be held on a secure database and will have details of the residents with CCTV or video doorbells. The purpose will be to assist police and council when they are investigating crimes.

An example would be a burglar operating in a residential area could be followed using CCTV from residents in the area, thus providing essential help to the police.

This will make the borough more resilient against crime and strengthen our community partnership with both the police and council.

Currently you are able to go into your OurWatch account and tick that you have CCTV. Your details are still protected by GDPR.

When the database is set up you will need to register your details and give permission for the police or council to contact you. At this stage the programme is in development and will be ready soon.

If you are interested in making your borough a safer, stronger and more resilient community then please send is an email to confirm that you would be interested in being part of this exciting project.

Best wishes

Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network

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