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EE Scam Alert

We have been alerted to this latest scam by one of our coordinators.

Please be aware of a current scam text that appears to be from EE. 

The message reads as follows:

"EE:We were unable to process your latest bill. In order to avoid fees, update your billing information" & a link is provided at the end of the text

If you click the link in the text, they'll ask for bank details & are in a position to clean your account out.

EE are not the only provider/customers they are targeting. I believe O2 are also having the same problem but both providers are trying to put a stop to it!

You can report the text free of charge to EE (if that is the provider it has supposedly come from) by forwarding the text & number it's come from to 7726.

If you receive a text like this, please report it to your provider. Never give your details out, always check with your provider directly first using their official customer service number !


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