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Following on from our successful Hate Crime Seminar we wanted to just make people aware that sometimes people either graffiti an area which they wish to target with the intent to create fear of various communities and make people feel afraid, or they can use intimidation via the internet and by way of the printed word.

They do this in a bid to make people uncomfortable. It is NOT acceptable behaviour and should any of your members see or witness any persons that are doing this, then they should report them to the police and also the Community Safety team at the council.

Neighbourhood Watch is about community and creating a stronger and safer one at that. By ensuring that this information is passed to the correct people, these individuals can be stopped and the people in our community can feel safer.

Remember it is anything that is used for intimidation etc. Examples of this can be promoting racist groups, using a logo as a tag on graffiti, leafleting of propaganda and many other things.

Please do your best to ensure your members keep a look out and report. 


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