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Be alert for Distraction Burglars targeting homes in Greenwich borough

We have been alerted by the council Community Safety dept to an increase of DISTRACTION BURGLARY across Greenwich borough.

They are wearing Hi-Viz tabard and claiming to be from the council in order for them to justify why they need to enter your property.

What is Distraction Burglary?

This is when someone, often two people knock at your door and claim to be from the council, police or a utility company.

They will claim that they need to enter your property because of a gas leak, a water leak or any other reason that requires them to enter your property. There will always be an urgency to this request and this is done to confuse you.

Whilst one of them takes you into a room to discuss the problem, the other person will start rummaging through your property. An example of this is if there is a water leak claimed, the person could take you to the bathroom and point up to ceiling.

What can you do?

Set up a password - for genuine visitors to your property from Council or utility companies will need to provide a prearranged password.