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We have seen an open letter from Leader of the Council to the community about a new project called Project Hope. This is the introduction:

The COVID-19 situation in London is the most serious it has ever been. Our NHS services are now close to breaking point, as the current surge in cases threatens to overwhelm London hospitals in a matter of days

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is in the heart of our community. Many of our residents work there, many of us have been treated there and now, more than ever before, we need to come together as a community and support the whole hospital team.

We’re asking local businesses and individuals to donate the following items and services to staff who are working long hours, under intense physical and emotionally demanding circumstances, with many unable to go home because they need to protect their own family and friends from catching the virus.

We are putting together a team of people to support our brilliant NHS staff in the hospital and are asking for across the Greenwich community. Please share this letter widely and please note that the hospital are asking for donations NOT to be dropped off at the QEH but through this official route so we can coordinate things and do our best to support the community.

Please share and get involved.

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We all know that we love to talk here at Neighbourhood Watch and sometimes the limited time we get of 40 minutes is not always long enough.

Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch Network is pleased to offer registered schemes the opportunity to use our paid account to hold your meetings to stay connected with your members and groups.

All you need to do is to message us and book your slot. Email is at:


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Have you looked at this month’s edition of OurNews, the monthly newsletter from National Neighbourhood Watch.

This month Greenwich Neighbourhood Watch feature on In The Spotlight!!


Please share this with all your contacts

Best wishes


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