About us

We are the Association for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators in Royal Greenwich.  We have recently formed, following the formation of the Connect Network in 2018.  The Connect Network came out of a Safer Greenwich conference, in June 2017, where delegates talked about their desire to be able to improve communication and support between Neighbourhood Watch schemes, across the Borough.  Experienced coordinators at the conference were especially keen to be able to:

  • Support new and developing schemes

  • To share ideas and resources, and

  • To co-ordinate their work to be able to deal with issues that occurred in more than one neighbourhood

Our aims

  • To support new & existing Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Royal Borough of Greenwich

  • To provide Crime Prevention advice

  • To deliver a Crime Prevention programme

  • To set up a buddy resource for schemes that need support   

Our Phone Number:

07538 210084

(Not manned 24hrs)

Our Partners


This was developed by Safer Greenwich, with funding from MOPAC

Greenwich Inclusion Project

Neighbourhood Watch National

The Royal Borough of Greenwich

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