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Urgent COVID-19 Appeal for PPE Equipment

URGENT COVID -19 appeal from the council. Please see message below from Cllr Danny Thorpe.

Tonight I need your urgent help.

Our PPE equipment for social care staff has not arrived for days. We have flagged up across London and through our command structures and not heard anything.

The situation is now extremely serious. We have at least 1 patient in the QE who could be discharged into a home if the staff had the kit they need to keep safe. They don’t, so a bed is blocked.

We have been told for days it is coming and it doesn’t arrive.

So tonight, I have launched a public appeal.

We urgently need the following:

FFP3 Face Masks


Gloves (Long sleeve and short if possible)

Protective eye goggles

The type of masks we are after are often used in construction, garages, nail bars and spray painting.

I need this to be shared across your networks please. Anyone who has any can contact me tonight.

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Cllr Danny Thorpe

Councillor Danny Thorpe

Leader, Royal Borough of Greenwich

Tweet: @DanLThorpe

Mob: 07940 470 922


Office: Town Hall, Wellington Street, London, SE18 6PW


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