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New ways of communicating during the lockdown

We have found that the way we usually communicate to our members and neighbours has changed enormously over the past few weeks and adapting to the constant changes.

So we have put together a small list of ways people have developed a new way to do this.

Phone Trees

We all know the power of a call. We are recommending that we call 5 people and then those 5 also call 5 each and so on and so forth.

Within 5 calls you could reach 1,000s of people. This has proven to reduce the risk of isolation and loneliness. It also is ideal for those with no link to technology.


Many of us use this already

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, NextDoor and Halo are all platforms that can have a wide coverage in your areas.

Video Conferencing

We have been having meetings using several types of video conferencing. These are very easy to use. For example you can sign up to a FREE account on Zoom and start a meeting straight away. You simply copy the link and email or text the link to whom you want to join or click on the type of email platform you are and then it loads in and everyone clicks on the link and automatically joins the meeting. You get 40 minutes free. If this is too short then just finish the meeting at 39 minutes and start a new one.

We don’t advocate putting leaflets through the doors, unless you are following correct PPE equipment and are following government guidelines.

Again Stay safe


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