Neighbourhood Sergeant.

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

I have been a Neighbourhood Sergeant for 3 years. I’ve been privileged to work on the Woolwich Riverside SNT ward. It’s a busy ward with a lot going on and a diverse community.

There are plenty of challenges, some of which we have been more successful with dealing with than others. By far my biggest concern is Anti-Social Behaviour. This can take many forms, criminal acts, some through civil acts and others just through lack of consideration for those around them. Antisocial behaviour is considered a ‘low level’ due to its impact on victims. However, when that behaviour is persistent and disturbs the peace where you live, there is nothing low about it. The other challenge I face is apathy. I can understand this as in the past residents have been let down for many different reasons and not had the service that they perhaps should have done. So what’s the answer? It’s no secret that at present we don’t have the resources we once had, so we have to be smarter about where we patrol, how we deal with offenders and how we can get extra help where we most need it. We cannot do it without the help and encouragement of the community. Whatever we attempt, if we don’t have the community supporting us, we will not succeed. That is why Neighbourhood Watch is so important. Neighbourhood watches can stop people feeling like they are isolated, they can provide SNT’s with fast information on problems, and they can provide residents with information and advice on issues in their area. Most of all Neighbourhood Watches can help take back their community making it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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