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Beware of Bogus Charity Callers

Our Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhoods Police have been in touch about bogus charity callers. These people tend to do the rounds at this time of the year in the run-up to Christmas.

The Police advise residents NOT to give any money to charity callers that knock at your door since these people are often involved with scams. If you do want to give money to charities, there are secure ways to do it such as contacting the charity directly or visiting a legitimate charity shop and making a donation where it is all recorded.

This applies to householders as well as tenants in flats where people try to gain access by tailgating residents or buzz the door entry claiming they are from an official organisation when they are not. Please do not let cold callers attempt to defraud you as it can cause heartbreak afterwards and please pass this message onto any vulnerable or elderly people you may know. You can display a 'no cold callers' sticker on your door which deters these people from knocking and asking for money.

Also if you live in the Ashburnham Triangle community our PCSO wants to know if anyone was visited Sunday 28/10/2018 by a female requesting money for a charity? If so please be aware they are not believed to be legitimate.

This is also relevant across the borough. Please let your local SNT teams know and also trading standards


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