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Be vigilant in Blackheath whilst using cashpoints

We have be alerted by a coordinator that there has been theft/robbery whilst using the cashpoints in Blackheath.

please see below

I’d like to pass on some details of an unfortunate theft that happened on Tuesday evening (3rd December 2019) from people who were using a cashpoint in Blackheath Village.

When they put their bank card into the cash machine, a man suddenly appeared from behind, pushed them to one side pretending to help/panicking saying that the machine wasn’t working, they then pretended to press the cancel button. In fact they were really pressing £500.

As the cash came out, someone else took the money whilst the first person distracted the victim. There may have been a couple in a car nearby connected with the thieves. The Police have been informed and it is understood that there have been several other thefts in the area using similar distraction techniques.

Please avoid using Lloyds or Barclays’ cashpoints in Blackheath Village for the time-being & be vigilant when using any cashpoint.

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